World of Babyz is a Malaysia showroom cum online baby store and specialized in baby products retailing and wholesale.
Our ranges of baby products are not only baby apparels and baby accessories BUT also into a child educational product.
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Company Profile

Welcome to World of Babyz

 World of Babyz offers Educational products suitable from 0 – 36 month olds. 

Our products are classified as:-

Ø       Categories A for 0 – 12 months 

Ø       Categories B for 13 -24 months 

Ø       Categories C for 25 – 36 months 

Ø       Categories D for 37 months and above


Categories A

  - Baby cloth book

If you want to introduce your baby toddler in the wonderful world of reading in a creative way that would definitely garner their attention, you may want to try a different take on children's books: Cloth book.

It comes with different interactive tools such as dolls, rattles, sensory materials and Velcro to encourage interactive learning and at the same time make reading more fun and enjoyable.  


Categories B

- Soft / Wooden Cube Puzzles

Cube puzzles either made of Cloth (soft) or wood, each image is beautifully illustrated on cloth / wooden blocks. 

For Wooden Cube Puzzles, the baby is able to put colorful blocks together to create friendly animals like dog, bear, ladybug, hippo, deer and etc. (depends on design)

Each image is beautifully illustrated on the blocks and it is entertaining, challenging and decorating with retro child images


Categories C

- Wooden Book, Matching Puzzles、

The perfect puzzle for developing matching skills

Enhances the creativity and imaginary to: -.  

Ø       Develops word & picture recognition 

Ø       Match pictures to make simple puzzle pairs 

Extra-large knobs make it easy for small hands to remove each brightly colored piece. Matching full-color pictures are underneath 


Categories D

1)   Jigsaw Puzzles, Educational Puzzles 
·         Perfect first jigsaw puzzle for children
·         The wooden pieces stick with a "click" onto the magnetic game board
·         An appealing combination of magnets and wood, this pattern block set will keep kids engaged and entertained
·         Promotes and exercises spatial reasoning, fine motor, and cognitive skills
2)    Educational Puzzles 
·         Develop toddler maths skills,
·         Builds Pre-Reading and Decoding skills
·         Promotes fun, educational play and parental bonding